tiffany, aka tiff/tifa. fil-chinese. 16. 9 august 1989. leo. snake. incoming senior. anime, manga and video game fanatic. internet addict. "japan girl". avid reader- any reading materials will do. sort of a bookworm. writer. math hater. introverted. extroverted at times. homely. wishes to look and become better, though. loveless, but doesn't really mind. easily worried. kind of socially awkward. psychotic. eccentric. insecure. sometimes often a procrastinator. daydreamer. unconventional. unrefined. cynical. ambitious. moody. angsty. distant. generally friendly once you get to know me. perfectionist. fanfiction aficionado. yaoi fan. literature and east asian history enthusiast. asian cinema lover. loves japanese (yes, that includes pocky), korean and italian food. occasionally watches j-doramas, k-dramas and american idol. fond of cherry blossoms. listens to j-pop and j-rock. likes some local and foreign alternative/rock bands and artists as well. hopes to learn to play the guitar. more than what meets the eye.


Here's a layout to contrast the last one, which was warm-colored, and, as one of my friends put it, "summery". Being dark and greyish, version eight is just perfect for the rainy season, which just started recently. I didn't really intend for this layout to coincide with the rainy months, though. I just thought that a darker layout would be a welcome change from the bright hues of the past few layouts.

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from "Full Metal Alchemist" take the lead here. It seems that they've given this layout an aura of formality and yes, a darker and more serious mood. That's not surprising, considering that they are part of the State Military. Roy is a colonel, while Riza is his subordinate, holding the position of First Lieutenant. In my opinion, though, they appear to have a relationship that goes beyond that - whether it's friendly, romantic, or platonic. Because I ship them together, I like to think that they have a subtle, unspoken understanding between each other. For more information on these two characters, please refer to the Wikipedia entry on the State Military characters of FMA.

Once again, this layout and its coding wouldn't be possible without Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and HTML, respectively. Textures and brushes courtesy of Aethereality and Fractured Simplicity. The song lyrics on the layout aren't mine, either; they're from the song "Countdown" by HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel's lead singer). The lyrics can be viewed here.

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